It’s much easier to know how to do things better if you know what is and what isn’t working - and over the years, we have been approached by potential new customers who are concerned that their marketing isn’t working but don’t have access to information that could help. For example:

  1. How many people are visiting your site every day or month?
  2. How long are they on your site for and what pages do they visit?
  3. How long are they on your each page for?

A lot of this information is available using Google Analytics and having this information helps to make better-informed decisions. If, for example, you are getting lots of visits to a blog page but this isn’t resulting in visitors looking at other pages, then adding a call to action to direct them to other pages such as your product pages might keep them on the site longer and help them find out more about you. Similarly, if visitors stay on the page of Product A for an average of 2-3 minutes but only 5 seconds for Product B then it’s clear that either Product B isn’t attractive or the page for that product isn’t promoting the product sufficiently.

As well as using Google Analytics, here are 3 more ways to improve the effectiveness of your web pages:


Heatmaps allow you to see what visitors are clicking on, how they scroll and what mouse movements they do visually. This allows you to understand why certain links or buttons get clicked on more or why they aren’t. If you have the same call to action at the top and the bottom of your page, for example, then a heatmap might show that visitors are clicking the call to action at the top and not the one at the bottom.

With heatmaps you can:

  • Carry out split testing to see which page layout gets better results and use that format for future page layout designs (you can edit the content layout of a page with our content management systems, so it’s easy to edit your website layout)
  • Discover why a specific landing page is not converting and improve your conversion rate
  • Analyse new web page layout changes to see if the changes are making a positive impact

If you would like to understand more about heatmaps and what your visitors’ activity is, get in touch and we can work with you to make your website more effective.

Effective Call To Actions

Having the right amount of, and the right call to actions is critical to making your website more effective.

Book a website design meeting with aprompt todayA website page with no prompts to get in touch, take advantage of a special offer or join a newsletter could mean having lots of visitors and practically no new customers from it.

On the other hand, if you fill your pages with endless prompts to like you on Facebook, read your latest blog post, read your reviews and so on then there’s a risk that you don’t direct the customer towards what you really want - which could be to get in touch.

Research shows that – especially for eCommerce websites - landing pages with more than one call to action (buy NOW and a button to visit your blogs for example) reduces the number of people that will click on the main call to action (CTA) which in this case would be the buy NOW button.

An effective CTA also needs to be positioned, styled and worded correctly. Having it buried at the bottom of the page as text underlined (or what we call hyperlinked text) is more likely to be missed by visitors than a stylish orange button or graphic that appears at the top of the page or during the content of which it's referring.

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Consult with a professional web designer 

Professional web designers have years of experience understanding what makes an effective website and are up to speed with the latest developments such as heatmaps and the right design of a CTA.

You could spend hours trying to understand what works - and what doesn’t, or you can harness the knowledge of a web designer who has already discovered why some websites convert better than others.

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