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Here are answers to questions we get asked most about website design.

I've got a domain name - can I use it?

Yes.  We'll talk you through how it works.

I want to replace my old website with a new one but can I keep my website domain name?

Yes, we would recommend you keep the same website domain name. We will manage the change of website for you.

How many domain names can I have?

You can have as many domain names as you like, one of which can be used for your website. We'll help you choose them and give advice whenever needed.

Which domain name should I choose for my website?

We'll advise the best domain name choices for you if you haven't already chosen one. We'll take into account your business sector, your target market and search engine optimisation too - so ask aprompt for honest advice and we'll offer suggestions for the best domain name for your website. Try our domain name checker first

If I replace my website with a new website will I lose all my natural listings in Google?

No, if we replace your existing website with a new website, we always carry out URL redirects on all the links that Google has saved in its servers and these are re-linked to your new website pages and we advise Google.

Web design frequently asked questions

Is it good practice to replace my old website with a one page notice 'new site under construction' while my new website is being designed?

No, this is not good practice. And although we know other website design companies do this to their clients, we would never do this to you. (By replacing a whole website with a one page message destroys all the natural search engine listings you've built up over the years).  

Do you host my website?

Yes. If you choose one of our Pay as you go websites then website hosting is included. However, if you choose a custom website (a CMS or eCommerce website) then we can either host it for you or you can host it elsewhere. 

Where will my website be hosted?

Your website will be hosted on fully managed shared servers based in the UK. Ensuring your website is hosted in the UK is best for UK-based companies. 

Do you offer email accounts?

Yes. All our website hosting comes with unlimited Pop3 email accounts ending in your domain name.

Can I have just the email accounts and no website?

Yes. We provide email-only hosting too if you would like unlimited professional email accounts ending in your domain name (much more secure, usable and professional than Gmail email accounts!)

Can I add more pages after my website goes live?

Yes, you can instantly add multiple pages at any time, for free, via your secure admin area. Or you can choose our fully managed websites if you'd rather we did it for you.

Can I edit my website on both PCs and Macs?

Yes. All our websites can be edited from either a Mac or a PC using any modern browser, so we always recommend you update your browser to the most current version.

Do I have to update the website myself?

We've made it easy for you edit all the contents of your website yourself without the need for any technical knowledge. But you don't have to - if you'd like us to update your site for you we can do it as part of our fully managed website package.

How should I supply content to you?

If you would like us to add your content for you, as part of a fully managed website, please send us your text in Word format and images ideally saved as good quality jpegs. However don't worry if you're not sure how to get the content right because we can help with that too.

What if I don't have any content for my website?

We can help. Talk to us about what you'd like and we can write it for you so that it's search engine optimised too. Website content is king, so getting this right first time will allow you to reap the rewards. See our fully managed website package for more details.

How do I know if my website is successful?

Within your website admin area, you can add your Google Analytics tracking code which will automatically integrate with your website. Google Analytics gives you a huge amount of detail on the traffic to your website and how well it is performing in search engines. 

Can you search engine optimise my website for me?

Yes we offer search engine optimisation (SEO) for all our websites. For more info on this, please view SEO

How quickly can I get my website?

Project timescales for a website design and build depends on the type of website you have chosen. Pay as you go CMS Express website packages take 1 - 2 weeks. Pay as you go CMS Premium website packages take 3 - 4 weeks. And custom websites, like eCommerce websites, may take 5 - 11 weeks including the design. However if you have a specific deadline, please let us know.

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