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Website design process

So, how long do website designs take? The length of time it takes to design and build a website varies, depending on the package you choose and the functions you'd like in the site. Whether you need an existing site redesigned and built or a brand new website designed and built from scratch, the process is very similar.

How long does website designing take?

As each website can be different, the time it takes to design and build it can vary too. We have various website design packages you can choose from and each takes a slightly different amount of time.

For instance our PAYG Express template websites take 1 week, whereas our PAYG Premium custom designed websites and One-off cost bespoke designed websites take approx. 3-6 weeks for design, depending on the bespoke functions you'd like.

Website design process


We work with you to choose the right website package for your business.


Our designs are created with your customers in mind.


We develop your website to optimise customer engagement and conversion rates.


You can edit your website even before we launch it live!

Following our website design and web development process ensures the successful launch of your new responsive website. We are experts in designing and building mobile-ready, feature-rich, functional and professional websites that work hard and smart for your business. That way, you get to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business, while we help make it work online.

Website design flow by aprompt website developers

Website designers process

Here you can see our website designers process and average timescales for our Pay As You Go websites and our custom website designs.

Our process is the same whether you choose low cost websites in our Pay As You Go template website packages, our Pay As You Go business website packages, custom website design or eCommerce web design.

With every web page design we create, you will receive great customer service and expert advice for the life of your website.

Web design timescales: Pay as you go websites

When placing your order for a 'Pay as you go website', please use these timescales as a guide for the design start and completion dates.

    • Phase 1 - Project discovery

      Includes order placement for all packages: 1 day

      We’ll discuss the best package for your needs and your target market. Your order is then confirmed, a setup fee invoice is issued with the Direct Debit form to complete. After your payment is received and your Direct Debit is set up, we can start your website project. Please provide your logo as a high quality jpeg, PDF or EPS file. A design brief is taken for Premium Website Packages.

    • Phase 2 - Express website design

      For PAYG Express Websites: 1 day

      You can choose your preferred design from the ones we will supply. Colours are changed to match your brand image as directed by you and your logo is added. Up to 1 round of revisions are included - any further revisions are chargeable.

    • Phase 2 - Premium website design

      For PAYG Premium Websites: 2-3 weeks

      The website home page is designed, as per your design brief, and provided to you as a ‘mock-up’ ready for your comments and approval. Up to 3 rounds of revisions are included - any further revisions are chargeable. The design is then amended if required before a final sign-off.

    • Phase 3 - Develop and deploy

      For PAYG Express Websites: 1 week
      For PAYG Premium Websites: 3-6 weeks

      The website is built to include the powerful Content Management System and optional Blog, Gallery, Catalogue or eCommerce facility. It is loaded live on our development server ready for you to edit and add pages or check the content if you have asked us to add it for you. (See content managed websites).

      Your monthly payment will begin from the date your new website link is emailed to you and the 1st month payment will be calculated pro rata. Thereafter the full rate will be due on 1st of each month collected by Direct Debit. We will launch your site live to the world when you’re ready!

      (All timescales exclude public holidays)

Web design timescales: Custom websites

When placing your order for a custom website (including eCommerce website design), please use these timescales as a guide. When placing your order, we will confirm the project start date and completion date. Please note that when a project is ordered the work required has to be scheduled in to a development window that is available. A design meeting will take place at the time of order or just before so we can ensure we provide you a design that suits your target market and your business.

    • Phase 1 - Project discovery

      Timeframe: 1 day

      We will discuss what type of functions would be best for your target market and provide you a written proposal. This details all the features to be included in your new website. Once the proposal is approved we move to phase 2.  You will be given lots of down-to-earth advice and expert guidance throughout the entire process. So whether this is your first website or your 100th website, we will always be here for you. Any questions you may have will be answered in non-tech speak (unless you want tech-speak of course!) and we pride ourselves in giving you the very best in customer service all the time.

    • Phase 2 - Website design briefing

      Includes order placement. Timeframe: 1 day

      At this stage we will take a detailed design brief and after you place your order and payment for your deposit, where applicable, is received, we will start your website design in phase 3. Any images that are required in the overall design (i.e. on a banner) should be sent via email or if you would like us to source images for you we are happy to do this.

    • Phase 3 – First stage web design

      Timeframe: 2-3 weeks

      During the design phase, the home page of the website is designed for your target markets and provided to you as a ‘mock-up’ ready for your comments and approval. The design is then amended if required before a final sign-off. Further pages - dependent on the type of website - are then designed and provided ready for final approval.

    • Phase 4 – Website develop and deploy

      Timeframe: Approx 5-9 weeks (depending on functions)

      The website is built and loaded live on our development server ready for you to edit and add pages or check the content if you have asked us to add it for you.

      Development times don't take into account public holidays. Timescales quoted are the time taken to have a fully working, tested website loaded on to our development server ready for you to populate the site with your own text and images/check loaded content. Hosting and website backup services start at this time also. If you have a specific deadline, please let us know in advance.

Website design packages

Need a new website for a new business or you’ve had your current website for more than 2 years and you know it needs a design refresh and code update to ensure it's compatible with current browsers and mobile devices?

Our website design packages provide the must-have features for your online marketing so let us help you get started today.

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