From content to coding, there are many aspects to a great website and this blog post is one of a two-part series into how you can create a website that is fit for your business and perfect for attracting customers who want to buy from you. In part 1 we will look at how important content and design is before getting a little bit more technical in part 2 (but not too geeky - don’t worry!).

Here are 4 ways to create a customer winning website:

1. Content

When it comes to websites and website design, the phrase ‘content is king’ couldn’t be more appropriate! If your content isn’t up to the right standard, then people won’t buy into your brand and won’t buy from you. Here are 3 questions that will go through the mind of your customer when looking at your website:

Is this a professional company? Spelling mistakes, bad grammar and incoherent sentences are a great way to scare off new customers so naturally, we don’t recommend any of those! These fairly straightforward errors can really put off a customer and yet many companies make these mistakes. Having someone check over your content or paying for a copywriter could be a wise investment.

Have they explained what they do and the benefits? For some companies, it’s a lot more obvious what the product is and how it works (think handbags, bottled water or carpets) but for other more technical or less known products, it’s important to educate the customer. Getting the benefits across is important in demonstrating why a customer should buy your products or services.

Am I ‘wowed’? Many visitors often browse a website before moving onto other things. They check you out or use your site as part of their research but don’t go on to make a purchase. Having that ‘wow’ factor with the right wording and the right offer is important. We will cover this more below.

When it comes to Google ranking, it’s also important to have sufficient content and for the content to be unique. Updating content with new fresh stuff also makes a big difference in appearing higher in Google search ranking - which is why we recommend writing regular blog posts.

2. Images

They say a picture says a thousand words - which is why it’s important to have good quality images on your website. Images are a powerful way to help people understand what you offer and how they can benefit from buying from you. We recommend using images that are created for you but if that’s too time-consuming or costly, stock images can also be used providing they are suitable and don’t look too cheesy!

3. Call To Actions

Call to actions are critical to any website and any web page if you want to use your site to get sales or you want your customers to interact with you. A call to action means exactly what it says on the tin - you're guiding the customers to take an action (which you have chosen!). Take the advice of your website designers as to what is the best call to action to use on a website for getting calls or emails or sales.

The type of call to action will vary depending on the objectives. A contact us page might have a form as well as your phone and email address while a landing page for a special offer might have a ‘buy now’ button or ‘contact me’ button for the visitor to request you get in touch.

When creating a call to action, think about what the journey should look like in terms of where you want the customer to go next on your website and where you think they would like to go.

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4. Design

Have you ever been on a website that looks awful and is hard to navigate? Or is difficult to read or interact with on a mobile phone? If you find that annoying, then chances are your customers will feel the same if your website isn’t designed properly.

A smooth to use and easy to navigate website is a great way to attract customers and keep them on your site so that they can get to know you more - and get in touch with you!

There are many aspects to a modern looking website, and we won’t discuss them all here but if you would like help or more ideas on how a modern up to date website should look then get in touch with our website designers in Wiltshire

You now have a good understanding of how to make a website attractive for potential visitors and new customers.

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