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What makes a quality website writer?

Writing is often an underrated skill, and writing for websites is often overlooked entirely.

There are real reasons why quality writing is essential to a good website, and there are valid reasons to use trained SEO copy writers.

Design does not work on its own, so well designed websites will not work if they don’t impart the required information in word form.

A good writer does not need to know the complete detail of your business - you can supply that information. A good writer can use your knowledge to produce a piece of communication, which is the essence of the web.

The art of writing for the web is to use simple everyday language, keep the points clear and concise, and persuade the user that your product is the perfect product for them.

Any website needs to be written for its audience - that is obvious - or is it? All too often they are written for the company not the end user - an expensive mistake. Never assume your customers know what you do.

Copywriters for search engine friendly websites

Website copy writing rules

Website copy writing is a skill, and one that you don’t need to have. If you buy a Porsche, you wouldn’t service it yourself – when you get your website designed, don’t try to write your own copy – leave it to the experts.

Text needs to be immediate, accessible, and friendly but above all - search engine optimised.

Optimising website content means that people will come to your web site – it is rather like the signpost that is clear and well positioned – it shows people the way.

It gets you noticed, makes you stand out from the crowd, and that’s what you want. Copy for the web is a tool that if used well, can make a good website exceptional. And exceptional websites work!

The difference between paper and online

“Fact: approximately 25% of users read more slowly on screen” website copywriting »

Online presentation means that information is split into pages; where users can enter at any page, and then move between pages in any direction. Each page needs to act as a stand-alone piece of information, with only pertinent reference to other pages.

Users do not like to see too much text on screens - it is difficult to read. So the words that are there need to be considered and on target.

Over half of web users scan pages, they do not read word-by-word - so each page needs to be written so that keywords stand out and essential information can be picked out quickly and easily.

Search engines and how to use them

“Fact: 80% of internet users find websites through search engines” SEO training courses »

Search engines use the words to analyse and rank the websites, and search engine optimisation needs to be an integral part of any website. This is not a science, but it is certainly a skill, and one that needs constant updating and research.

Attracting users to your website is a cost effective way of expanding your customer base, and one of the ways to drive traffic to your site is to get a high ranking with the search engines, such as Google.

Websites need search engine optimised text

Websites need SEO, but they need to be written in an interesting and informative way. Repeating keywords so that they get in the way of the message is useless and annoying. 

“Fact: Invest in web design and forget the words and your investment will be expensive. But invest in web design and words and you will reap the rewards"

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Written by Kirsty Paget