3 ways to keep customers on your eCommerce website

Keep it easy for online customers and they’ll come back

A growing trend is for shoppers to use their shopping basket to save purchases to buy later, so we have created handy tools, which include 'add to my wish list’ which allows customers to buy later without losing what was in their shopping list so they can come back at any time and buy what’s in the wish list – they could even send it to a friend if they’re creating a gift list! Ask our custom website designers for details.

Talk to your online customers

Just because you cannot see your customers, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. When a customer buys something from your shop website, let them know by email, that you have their order and what the next steps are. Keep them informed by email when their parcel has been picked, packed and delivered. This might seem really obvious but I’ve come across web developers producing what they might call eCommerce websites but they lack the most basic of functions such as customer communication. All our e-commerce websites come with order tracking and email notification functions so you can keep your customers informed throughout the entire delivery process until their order is delivered.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Let customers tell you what they think of you

Getting your customers to write reviews on your website about the service and products they received can win you even more business. Don’t be scared of having product reviews on your website – if you think you’ll get bad reviews (probably best to first ask yourself why) but be assured that one person’s bad review can be another person’s good review. For example, “the chairs were delivered speedily but were a lot softer than I thought they’d be” could actually be taken as a positive review by another customer.

Having said that, good and bad reviews can help you to improve your business, can attract more customers and can persuade a customer to buy from you rather than from one of your competitors who has no reviews (even if you are more expensive than your competitor), as it shows on screen that people buy from you (i.e. you are popular) and that you care about what your customers think.

We would always advise clients on which functions they should have (and not have!) in their websites that increase their online revenue, so please feel free to ask us about our eCommerce website design services by contacting our website designers.

Written by Kirsty Paget