Website target markets

Here's a quick guide on how to increase sales from your website and save you time and money too!

Who is your website designed for?

Most people’s philosophy of B2B marketing hinges on the fact that everyone has a finite budget. It might be a small budget or a large budget but it probably isn’t unlimited which will force you to make choices.

In making these choices the first logical step is without question employing professional website designers to present your company in the best possible light but just as importantly to present it to the right target market. Therefore you should spend the money you have on engaging the right target market for your business.

Choose those who are most likely to increase your revenue and profit. And avoid the scattergun approach where you think your business is for everyone because it probably isn’t therefore your messages become so diluted that they fail to be relevant to anyone at all. 

When employing web designers to design your website think about who you want to target before the design process starts. For instance when we discuss website design briefs with clients it is so that we can create the right design for the intended market. And it needs to speak the right language to produce the ideal feeling or emotion you want your customers to feel when they land on your site. You also need the correct reaction from your customers to enable you to get that sale/phone call/email/booking, etc. depending on your business type. Choosing who your target market is sounds daunting but it doesn’t have to be.

To get you started, try to answer these simple demographic questions (although please be aware these questions are for illustrative purposes only so are very broad and therefore may not apply to every business):

10 Tips to find your website target market

  1. What age group do you want to target?
  2. Do you want to target males or females or both?
  3. What is their level of education, i.e. senior school, college graduates, university graduates
  4. What is their employment status and in what sector do they work?
  5. What do they do, i.e. teachers, actors, builders, stay-at-home, administrators, managers, directors, CEOs, etc?
  6. What would their total annual income be?
  7. What level of disposable income do your customers have?
  8. Where do your customers usually shop?
  9. Where do your customers live?
  10. Do they appreciate humour or would they prefer a serious approach (this also depends on the type of business sector you and your customers are in)

If you’re not sure whom to target your website design to and would like a helping hand, please call or email aprompt website designers in Wiltshire for a free consultation.

Written by Kirsty Paget