Web app creation

Web applications are ideal for small businesses wanting to streamline their processes. A web app is online software designed to automate processes and speed up administration work. Management software can be written for all types of processes from customer relationship management systems (CRM) and project tracking to online booking systems and galleries with eCommerce. The common theme is that they enable your business to save huge amounts of time (and therefore money). If written well, web apps are easy to use and incredibly effective for the long term aprompt works closely with you to create the perfect process management system to decrease your work load but increase your output.

Who can use web apps?

A common misconception is that complex web apps are only for big businesses but in reality any business with any sort of administration can benefit from web apps. And you'll notice that all businesses have to carry out admin work and for the majority of small to medium sized businesses who employ 1 - 5 administrators that's a lot of wages, holiday pay, sick pay and people management to organise and pay for isn't it?.

If there is any process to be automated, a web app can significantly benefit these businesses by reducing the manual labour involved. As a result, there can be better results for your customers, and less cost in terms of staffing. This is arguably even better for small businesses starting out as having a web app to reduce admin work is cheaper than employing an administrator and makes that business significantly more efficient therefore creates higher profit.

How much is a web app?

So...how much does a web app cost? I hear you say. The costs depends on the functions in a web application which we would discuss with you because each business is different so the web app is custom built for you. A misconception is that web apps are far too expensive for any smaller businesses. This is absolutely not the case, and even small apps can improve business productivity dramatically at a fraction of the cost of employing an office administrator. For no-obligation quotes, you can contact our web app developers any time (and we’ll even throw in a few chocolate biscuits if you visit us!).

The benefits of web apps

For all sorts of businesses, web apps speed up administration and provide a much easier interface for users and staff alike. It often means that customers can, for example, securely log in to check the status of orders, documents, job applications or services - depending on the product or services that are being offered. And if necessary staff, meanwhile, can instantly view/edit/add/adjust items at the click of a button, therefore completing actions that would normally take hours. This leaves more of your employees’ valuable time for completing other tasks which require more individual thought and effort whilst the admin is taken care of for them. Obviously, this leads to decreased repetition and increased business productivity, which is exactly what everyone wants!

How to get a web application

Web apps need to be tailor-made for businesses, which means that it’s important to have a reliable web development company who can find out exactly what your business needs and create your online application to suit you. As a well-established web app development company in Wiltshire, aprompt is a fantastic choice, so do feel free to contact us any time.

Written By Kirsty Paget