Windows XP support finally ended on 8th April 2014, leaving millions of PCs at risk. Upgrade or change as “doing nothing” is not an option analysts warn...

With Windows XP now left to fend for itself in the wild, organisations still running the operating system around the world are no doubt looking for tips, tactics and tricks to help avoid any perils now Microsoft's support deadline has passed.

Millions of PCs are still running XP and migrations are no easy process, so many firms are likely to remain at risk for some time.

Another warning for Windows XP users:

Upgrade or prepare to pay the price, warns Symantec.
Data breach disaster dangers and third-party support costs make upgrade the best business decision.

Have an old website as well?

Having an old website can also put your business at risk as technology moves on. Your business works hard so make sure your website does too.

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