When it comes to the ‘to do’ list, blogging for many people is one of those things that either gets missed off, or just keeps dropping down the order as other seemingly more important things pop up that need to be done. Ever had that feeling?

Unfortunately, writing regular blog posts for your business website is considerably undervalued and if done properly, blogging can be a very powerful tool for finding new business.

To blog or not to blog

Here are 4 powerful reasons why you should put blogging higher up the priority list…

It pleases Google, which means THOUSANDS more customers could visit your site

This might seem like an exaggeration, but it isn’t. Google loves fresh, up to date, UNIQUE content that addresses the needs and questions of searchers (also known as potential customers for you).

If you write a blog article and post it for the world to see on your website that helps answer a question a customer might have that 1-200 people a day search for, then you could quickly find yourself at the top of page one on Google with a potential few thousand people visiting your website every month (and that’s how many per year?).

To achieve this, your blog posts need to provide great value and have the right keywords that get searched for. To find out more about how to have Google-friendly search engine optimised blog posts for your business then give us a call. We would be happy to provide more tips.

Convert the doubting customer and show them you know your stuff

Imagine a potential customer wants the services you offer (which your competitors also offer of course) but he or she isn’t sure whether to buy from you or elsewhere. They don’t know you very well, so they head over to your website to find out more.

On their visit, they see your blog posts with great tips that really help them. Then they start to realise that you know your area of expertise and they start to imagine how great the support and services will be when buying from you… you get the picture.

Writing regular blog posts that add value are a great way of adding credibility to your online brand and demonstrating that you are the right person to help that potential customer.

Copywriters for your website - aprompt

Educate the customer who doesn’t believe they need your services (but they do!)

There are always potential customers out there who don’t understand what you offer or don’t see clearly the benefits of your solution.

Writing blog posts is a great way to educate them about your products and how they can make a difference. Educational blog posts (that are still easy to read and not too complex) are a great way to help customers have that ‘aha’ moment when they finally realise that they need to grab what you have to offer (finally!).

Build brand advocates and your digital footprint

Writing blog posts provides you with a mechanism for talking to your customers online. Communication is so important!

  • Thinking of creating some email marketing campaigns or newsletters but not sure what to put in them? How about your latest blog post?
  • Constantly looking for things to post on social media? How about using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to drive customers to your website to read your blog posts?

Blog posts are a great starting point for various forms of online marketing activities and can be used to build loyalty online with customers as well as with social media followers.


Writing regular blog posts (even on a monthly basis) has many benefits when it comes to growing your business, although it does have its challenges.

If after reading this, you still feel uneasy about moving your action ‘write my next blog post’ higher up your priorities (from say, 10th in your top 10 things to do) because you don’t know what to write about or don’t have the time, then here’s an idea…

How about removing from your list completely? - and replace it with a new priority at the top, labelled ‘outsource writing blog posts to a professional so I can do the stuff I love to do’.

At aprompt, as well as creating effective website pages, we also provide many of our customers with carefully crafted blog posts as well.

If you would like help with writing regular blog posts for your business, then contact aprompt today.