Running your own business as well as ensuring your website keeps up to date can be difficult. There's lots to think about but help is at hand. aprompt are dedicated to helping business owners grow their business websites whilst staying in control of marketing budgets!

How To Update A Website

If you're wondering how to update a website that you've had built elsewhere, then contact our website designers in Wiltshire or call us on 0845 224 5806 and we can help. Depending on how old your website is, we would look at certain areas that may need work or if it's just the content that needs re-writing or refreshing or just added to, then we can help with website copywriting and website maintenance too.

With the continuous browser and search engine updates required your website code should be kept up to date as well as the content. And not to over laden you with things to do when considering updating a website but you may benefit from having a new website design too. Again, this depends on who created the website design and when it was designed... and if you like it.

If, like many companies, you’d like your website content added and managed by experts, then our website management is for you. We give you peace of mind that your website content is search engine friendly, up-to-date and above all.... user friendly. You’ve invested well in your new website, so give it the finishing touch with great content. Creating and managing content is an ongoing job for all websites, so we will work on your site in a way that suits you best, for as many hours a month as you wish. We are totally flexible so use us for any website work you need done.

What Is Website Management?

Our website management includes the following monthly services:

  • Content updates and formatting
  • Skilled on-site SEO of your content (search engine optimisation)
  • Creating unique SEO friendly website content (text)

Updating Website Content

We will add and/or update your website pages using your supplied text and images in a layout and correct formatting style that keeps the brand image for your company as well as keeping it W3C and WAI compliant. Content, including meta page titles, meta keywords and meta page descriptions can either be supplied by you or we can create unique SEO friendly website content for your business sector.

Skilled On-site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

So you have a chance of being found higher up the organic listings in Google for your chosen keywords, we can search engine optimise your website content (or just your supplied page text) and create meta information where necessary. This includes: creating H1, H2 and H3’s, image alt text, image filenames, meta page titles, meta keywords, meta page descriptions and internal content links. This work is done on a per page basis as each page requires different information. We will request that you provide the text for the pages you would like us to SEO/re-write or we can create it for you for better search engine success. If you don’t have time to provide this text, then a bullet point list of what you offer is a good start and we can work with that and create text to support the bullet point list. 

What Are Keywords For Websites?

If you'd like to have a chat about our website management services we'd discuss keywords for websites. During our inital meeting we'd discuss which are the best keywords for websites in your bsuiness sector and what your website goals are. Your website goals also relate to your website target markets. We can help you choose your business target markets and advise on the best way to target the right audiences. We’ll discuss your keyword lists and help you with any questions you may have. Off-site SEO is not included in the managing of your website; this includes adding your website to directories, Google Adwords, Google Maps, viral marketing, social marketing and offline promotional material.

See our website management services for more info.

Written by Kirsty Paget