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You’ve asked your web designer to create a website. It has a few pages that visitors can take a look at and it’s live for the world to see. “Perfect!” you tell yourself as you sit back at your desk waiting for the sales to come in. There’s nothing left to do, right?

The above scenario, while made up, is a typical scenario that many business owners and marketing leaders go through (with maybe not too much sitting back as there’s always plenty of work to do).

Unfortunately, many businesses find that they have spent a lot of time and effort having a good-looking site created, but it isn’t until months later that they come to the realisation that generating leads is about a lot more than just creating a flashy designed website.

Loving a website and taking action are two different things

Research might show that potential customers love your site. They might tell you that it looks great, and it looks professional, but those same prospects aren’t taking action to get in touch or to provide their contact details. Why?

The reason is that liking or loving a website is different to wanting to take action. A high-performance website must be something that prospects don’t just love, it must be set up and designed to look great AND be easy for them to become a potential customer that’s interacting with you.

Below are a few of the factors that need to be considered when designing a website.

Compelling copywriting

A well-written website should compel a visitor to want to get in touch with you.

Product and service pages should communicate the key messages of a product and prompt visitors to want to buy while About Us and other pages should be written in a way that demonstrates why a website visitor should get in touch.

There are many ways to achieve compelling copywriting including the use of power words. If you aren’t familiar with power words, they are words that either prompt a reader to take action or they dramatically increase the power or weight of a phrase (or product).


In the last sentence, you might have noticed we said dramatically increase rather than just increase.

The word dramatically is a power word. Other examples include now (call us now), proven (our services use proven processes to help you) and free (free delivery or free returns policy).

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Mobile design - Visitor and mobile-friendly

We live in a busy world with many things going on. If a website is slow to load, hard to navigate or frustrating us, we tend to give up and go elsewhere.

Our attention spans are so short and our desire for easier options are so great that a major issue for eCommerce sites is shopping cart abandonment, whereby customers give up on the buying process despite having filled in some or most of their contact and delivery details.

When it comes to generating leads, usability is key. This means having a website that is mobile-friendly as well as visitor-friendly.

A site that’s difficult to navigate or hard to read on a mobile device like a smart phone or iPad will lose potential customers who run out of patience - especially as more people now look at websites on a mobile phone. There are some very common problems that make a website slow, and this can potentially lose you business. If you’d like to find out about mobile webdesign and how to make your website faster and mobile-ready, get in touch with our dedicated team of website designers who will help you accelerate your online business to be successful.


Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is all about having your website appear in Google Search results. What does this have to do with having a high-performing lead generation website?

When potential customers search for your products or services on Google, they are actively searching with a view to buying. If your website is optimised for the right search words (known as keywords and key phrases) then you are more likely to attract hot prospects to your site.

At aprompt, we work with businesses to ensure that their website appears top of search results when customers are looking to buy what they offer. Find out how we can improve your website content with our SEO services

Conversion focus

Not everybody who visits your website is ready to buy. You can, however, increase the chances of them buying by doing what’s known in marketing as lead nurturing.

Imagine someone isn’t ready to buy, but they visit your site to find out about your services. Maybe they are doing some research and considering their options.

If your website offers free advice, whether that’s using blog posts or a free eBook, then you can use that to demonstrate why the prospect should buy from you. If you use a lead capture form then you can also get their email address and use that to continue the conversation with them once they have left your website.

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