You might have heard of the phrase PAYG or Pay as you Go with products such as mobile phones but not when it comes to well-designed websites. The term Pay As You Go, is about paying for products and services in smaller amounts over time.

In this article, we discuss the advantages of having a PAYG website and if a PAYG website is right for you.

Reducing upfront costs for website design

Many web designers ask for large sums of money upfront to design and build a website. They then charge for any changes when required once the website is built. A PAYG website from aprompt, however, means that the upfront costs are lower as we offer pay monthly websites using pre-built website designs from our collection of stunning designs or a custom design if your prefer.

Lower upfront costs help to ease cash flow and allow a business to focus their spending more on activities such as other online marketing activities. Having the extra cash flow and being able to invest it in other areas of the business can make a huge difference to business growth.

Ongoing support, that’s affordable

Pay As You Go website support also means that you can benefit from support on a regular basis - and without having to pay larger project-style fees that many businesses might charge.

By paying website subscriptions on a monthly basis, you are in control of what you are paying and there are no nasty surprises when you decide to have changes made to your site as each of our sites are editable, meaning you can edit the content whenever you wish! You can even add as many pages as you want too.

Pay monthly websites

Pay monthly websites come in 2 types - custom design websites (PAYG Premium) or pre-designed websites (PAYG Express).

So if you choose the cheaper type of PAYG websites - the PAYG Express - the designs are based on templates we've already designed and the build part is done for you too, by us. All designs can also be easily customised by you via the easy-to-use admin area with drag and drop functions, customisable layouts and easy to use layout templates for adding your text, images and links. Pre-built websites (whether they are our pre-designed websites or bespoke designed websites) offer a great blend of custom design and custom build while keeping costs down.

Read more about our template designed PAYG websites

Read more about our custom designed PAYG websites

Online marketing

Marketing success is about consistency

When it comes to effective marketing, consistency is key.

It’s a lot harder to get online marketing results if efforts are sporadic and unfocused. At aprompt, we work with businesses to consistently apply changes to their website, whether that’s to optimise the website for Google search rankings or adding content as part of a structured marketing campaign.

Templates for success

Pay As You Go websites from aprompt are built using proven templates developed inhouse. You can choose from a variety of template designs that are best fitted to your business and industry or you can choose to have bespoke website designs and build. The choice is yours.

A website built for me?

At aprompt, we provide beautiful looking pay monthly websites with our PAYG bundles. We provide 2 options so that you can choose from having a pre-designed look and we change the colours to suit your brand or we can create a custom-designed website specifically for your business.

Visit our Pay As You Go websites to find out more or get in touch with us to understand more.

Pre-built websites from aprompt. Templates or Custom designs

Pre-built websites from aprompt. Templates or custom designs.... the choice is yours