Communicating effectively using the Web

Despite having turned 25 last year, the Web is still a vast, unknown world for many businesses. This is, of course, a problem for those businesses because online research and online shopping is now very popular; even for businesses without eCommerce websites, the Web can really help in achieving improved customer service.

Social networking sites like Twitter are increasingly popular and really convenient for clients, which is the most important factor! Easier and better communication with your audience is paramount and can make your business more online revenue. Show you are willing to be communicative and friendly by delivering great customer service (something we know our customers value about aprompt because we’re very friendly web designers).

So: how best to do it?

We’d recommend you take advantage of some free options. Mass communication is facilitated satisfactorily by social networks (Twitter/Facebook, etc), and if used properly can increase your company profile, like any good PR. The good news is that all our websites are integrated with Twitter, so you can Tweet a link to a page as soon as you’ve added or edited it… no fuss and it's instant!


However, you might often find a lot more benefit from doing something a little more personal. Our Content Management Systems (CMS) and eCommerce websites can also be integrated with our bespoke blogging feature. Once you combine it with some really useful content and decent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), this can really drive traffic to your website and bring you more business. It also allows you to communicate your thoughts and ideas to new and existing clients, and really bring a personal touch to the online side of your business. Communication online is all about creating personality in your business, although this can be difficult over the Web, so blogging for business is an excellent way of achieving this.

You can write on any topic that you think might interest new clients or your current audience. Of course, it gives you a good platform for announcing new products or services your company is doing too, and you can share links to your exciting blog content elsewhere. If you’re wondering “how do I do SEO?” then help is at hand with our SEO Training at our Wiltshire based web design offices.

There are plenty more ways to keep your customers in the loop using the Web – so get in touch with our web designers in Wiltshire about ways we can improve your business’s website?

Written by Kirsty Paget