Should my business blog?

Blogging! We quite like it at aprompt, although you might be asking yourself: 'What is a Blog?'

A blog (from the original term web log) is a web-based platform used to distribute content. There are all sorts of blogs, but this post is going to look at blogging for business, something that - when done well - can provide a real boost to all sorts of businesses.

Why blog?

There are many advantages to blogging, not least that of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - that is, getting your business websites found in Google (and any other search engine). Mixing well-written, interesting content that people want to read with a bit of professional SEO training can give you the winning formula in attracting traffic to your site.

Of course, once they’re there, you need to make sure you keep them attentive with the sort of well-designed website we at aprompt take pride in creating with well placed ‘call to actions’ that are included with each of our website designs.

More traffic of the right demographic can easily lead to more business, which makes the time spent in writing good quality, relevant and useful blog posts more than worth it - the key is increasing conversions.

Of course, blogs also provide a really easy way to create something to share on your business’s social media platforms like Twitter inevitably allowing you to keep current customers up to date with your business news and events and offer them free tips too.

How do I start blogging?

Blogs are web-based, so you’ll need a website. Some companies choose to have a blog “hosted” separately to their website (like Blogger or, but these generally look unprofessional, lead to a “separated” feeling between your blog and website and search engines prefer websites with a blog integrated with the website so they can see that you are making an effort to increase communication with the outside world. In addition, when your aim is to get those visiting your blog to look around the rest of your site (especially if you have an eCommerce website) having a separate Blog can be very damaging to your aims.

As such, it’s best to have a blog integrated as part of your Content Management System (CMS website) or eCommerce website - this makes the website easy to manage as well. If you’re interested in getting advice about whether to have a Blog in your website or not, you can contact our web designers in Chippenham, Wiltshire to discuss your website which can easily have a blogging feature. As an added bonus, so you can tweet each post, all aprompt website designs come with integrated Twitter updates too.

What should I blog about?

You can find out more specifically from Kirsty if you book a SEO training course but as actual topics to write on go, the more you know about your business, the better. You’re trying to attract clients who might be interested in your business, so write about things you think potential clients would be likely to want to read about. If you’re passionate about what your business does, you can’t go far wrong. You can always pop in to have a chat with our Chippenham website designers if you need to, so give us a call on 0845 224 5806 to make an appointment. We'd love to see you!

Written By Kirsty Paget