Avoiding Free Template Websites

CMS websites come in all shapes and sizes. They can be built in lots of different ways too. CMS websites should be designed and built using custom, robust and secure code however there are some CMS websites that are flung up on the web using any old template software - usually Open Source (OS) which is riddled with bugs and therefore also wide open to hackers. (May I add at this point that aprompt doesn't and never will use OS template software, so you're quite safe).

Custom CMS Website Designers

Custom built Content Management Systems (CMS websites) can do what any free or OS template sites do but the main difference is that custom code is substantially more secure, more robust, doesn't need constant patching up and bug fixing (assuming it's been built by aprompt or another expert web development company), individual/bespoke design, better SEO capabilities, no limits on functionality - the list is endless!

Is one of the reasons why some businesses, getting their first website, opt for a 'WordPress' website due to naiveté? Do they think 'I need a website, therefore it must be WordPress' or is it that's all they've heard of? Could be...

Website Designers

We get surprised when new "web development companies" pop up for a while declaring they can design and build websites but unfortunately, for the clients, a lot of them just use template designs and template code without any knowledge of how to code properly or patch up and fix bugs in their 'free plug-ins' they choose for their clients.

We know this because clients come to us from these website designers for a new non-OS website (custom website) after trying the template websites because they thought a template website was cheaper - not in the long run it isn't so please be aware! This isn't a jealousy thing and it's not meant to be about throwing mud at template sites - honestly. It's about looking out for the customer and trying to make clients aware of the pitfalls of open source software. We take great care to give our clients the best custom built website within their budget. And I ask myself sometimes if a developer really cared about their customers and if they really knew how to code a website properly, why would they use template software? I can only assume it's because they don't actually know how to code a website therefore have to download templates and plug-ins and resell it as theirs? Perhaps? Or do they not care? Who knows?

WordPress/Joomla/Magento/Drupal, etc have great marketing budgets and some have enormous TV advertising budgets too, so perhaps this is why people think they are the best because they've spent more on advertising (is it a stack 'em high and sell 'em cheap mentality, I hope not).

WordPress plug-ins

Website plug-ins are created by lots of people around the world who may (or may not) have enough correct bug-free coding knowledge. I'm not saying WordPress Blogs and all the plug-ins that are available aren't right for some people - they are. And if you use template website software you may need lots of spare time and money to keep fixing the bugs and hacks and constant updates. You can get away with using template sites for hobby websites and personal websites but if your business is important to you, invest a bit more if you can and always opt for a custom built website and design. Contact aprompt for more (no obligation) information or advice on custom built websites.

Custom built websites are better value for your money. Fact.

Written By Kirsty Paget