Why Go Responsive with your Website?

More online businesses are now looking to cater for an increasing mobile market, as mobile and tablet web traffic is set to overtake desktop users in 2015. With an ever-growing array of screen sizes and devices to browse the Internet, having a responsive website means that all these different visitors are using and navigating your website in a way that is tailored for them regardless of the device they use.

Mobile Friendly Websites

However, don't think you need to buy a separate mobile friendly website, responsive CMS websites or responsive eCommerce websites in addition to your current website. Our website developers in Chippenham can re-design and re-build your old website to become responsive so you can be at the cutting edge of technology very quickly. That's great news isn't it?

By focusing on great user experiences from small screen to big, we increase conversion rates, help your (search engine optimisation (SEO) and ensure the maximum potential return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

Giving you one professional website for your business that you can edit instantly on any Internet connected device. No need for two separate websites or multiple admin areas - just one admin area for one stunning, custom built website that reacts to the users device.

Want one? Give us a call on 0845 224 5806 for a no-obligation chat about making your old website into a responsive website.

Written By Kirsty Paget