How important is mobile to your business?

Some businesses have been slow to respond to the growing trend in mobile marketing. But the wave is now too big to ignore.

Why do I need a responsive website?

Responsive websites adjust to the device your customers use to view your business online. You can reach a higher audience especially those who use mobiles and tablets for their online activity. Therefore offering visitors to your website a good experience on the device of their choice will help retain them and convert them to customers.

Google Hits Websites That Aren't Responsive

As you may have noticed, on April 21st 2015, Google changed its algorithms, targeting websites that are not responsive on mobile devices, which resulted in dropped rankings in mobile searches.

Responsive website designWhat’s the reasoning?

Google is all about delivering the highest quality search results to users, and that means staying on top of developing technology. 

Mobile search is on the rise and is expected to continue to increase. By eliminating websites that are not mobile friendly from the mobile search, Google search fulfills its promise to deliver quality results. From their standpoint and from the viewpoint of users, it makes perfect sense. 

Google research shows that 4 out of 5 consumers search local businesses for information and 88% of them use a mobile device to do so. Also, 60% of consumers use mobile search to make purchase decisions.


When the same consumers decide not to buy from or contact a company, the top reasons cited were:

  • Not enough information found
  • Site loaded too slow
  • Small screen (website did not adapt) - the text was too tiny to read on a mobile!

In other words, 2 of 3 potential customers said: I did not buy/call/email because the website was not mobile-friendly. Ouch!  

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Written by Kirsty Paget