In some ways, blogging is the marmite of the marketing world. While some people love writing content for a blog, many people dread the idea or freeze with that “no idea what to write about” look on their face. And that’s understandable. After all, coming up with, and writing content can sometimes be a challenge, even for professional content and blog writers.

Another barrier to writing blogs is that it’s not perceived as being a valuable enough part of the marketing plan but this is a serious misconception that many business owners have.

In this blog post about blog posts, we’ll discuss why blogging is important to generating more business and creating long-term success. Let’s start with 2 key reasons why blogs are more important than you might think:

Getting found by customers on Google

Possibly the most important reason to write blog posts is to get found by customers who are searching on Google. When your customer searches on Google, they could be looking for your services, or for answers and insights to certain questions related to what you do - and the best way to answer these questions is with an informative blog post.

Imagine you sell a physical product, and someone has questions about how to install it or how it works. By writing a blog post that answers those questions, Google is likely to return your blog post at the top of search results for searches that ask that question. Custom websites with regular blogging is proven to increase website traffic from people searching for answers and information about products and services on Google.

Writing blog posts also helps other pages on your site to improve their ranking in Google Search. Individual blog posts can be used to support those key pages by providing more detail and insights into what’s on that page.

A cleaning company, for example, might have a page dedicated to kitchen cleaning that’s supported by a blog post with top tips for cleaning a kitchen. This blog post would then be affiliated in many different ways to the main subject matter on that website.

We won’t go into the full details of an on-site SEO strategy here but suffice to say that blogging is an important part of that strategy, and it shouldn’t be undervalued.

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Brand engagement (& education)

Another reason to have blogs on your website is to engage with your target audience and build up awareness and trust in your brand.

When a potential customer visits your website, they might be unsure whether to buy from you. They might not know much about the quality or reliability of what you offer, or how skilled you are in your area of expertise.

A blog post with advice and tips is a great way to demonstrate your expertise without giving the hard sell. Fitness trainers, for instance, might show what they know by having a blog post on the best exercises or ways to stay motivated, and a financial services advisor might provide tips for managing your finances. Website designers might share their knowledge on why custom websites get better results than open-source coded websites and that SEO and well written website content is essential for better search engine results (just saying....)

Providing valuable online content isn’t just about brand engagement. It’s also a perfect way to educate customers on the benefits of what you offer. They might not be convinced that they need what you offer… until they read that blog post that explains why!

The purpose of a blog function is to provide content on your website that answers your prospective customers' questions and helps them learn about that subject in greater detail which also gives you an objective and thereafter the outcome that you want. You can vary your content in different blog posts to suit your needs.

Does my website need a blog?

It’s most likely that the answer is yes - if you want to get found on Google or want to increase engagement with your customers to generate more revenue (and let’s face it, who doesn’t want that?). Blogs are pretty much essential for all business sectors and business models.

But I hate marmite (and writing content…)

We don’t like marmite either (although one of our web developers does, and we respect that). We do, however, have the answer to your content writing phobia.

At aprompt, we work with our clients and create blog posts so that their websites appear at the top of Google Search for the keywords they want to be found for. We combine our knowledge and expertise in website design, online marketing and SEO to ensure their success.

We have a team of customer website designers, SEO experts and blog writers who optimise content for their chosen keywords so that Google knows when pages from our customers’ websites should appear in search results.

If you want well-written and interesting blog posts that get results, let our blog writers help you. And if you would like to know more about our content marketing and website design, please do get in touch. We’d love to help you!

Get in touch with our website designers in Wiltshire today and see how we can sky rocket your website in Google!