While 2020 is long-gone, it’s certainly a year we won’t forget for many miserable reasons. Thankfully 2021 brings new hope for us all and with that a promise of greater success for local businesses.

Don’t just rely on hope

Hope and optimism are wonderful things, but to achieve success, they must be followed up with intelligent planning and taking action. As the famous South African golf player Gary Player once said “the harder I practice, the luckier I get” - and this applies to getting results in your business. Website design is just one of the online marketing activities to help your business success and we can help with that.

Here are 5 top tips to getting ready and making sure that 2021 is a success for your business, no matter how challenging the situation:

Have a plan to help Google love you

A business and marketing plan, which outlines what you need to do to succeed, is proven to increase the chances of a business becoming successful. Marketing plans should include a focus on the best way to acquire and keep customers.

If you want customers to find your website in Google, then consider optimising your website text as a key plan for 2021. This is one of the fist areas you can work on if you have a quiet time. If you need to educate your target audience about your product and build trust with them, then writing regular and unique content through blog posts is a sure-fire way to help, as are webinars.

Whatever you decide are the most important actions to take, having a plan is the beginning of achieving success and even having an imperfect plan is better than having no plan!

Include contingencies & plan to adapt quickly

2020 has taught us the need to be flexible and adapt to extreme circumstances, but we shouldn’t forget what we have learnt, just because there are approved vaccines being rolled out.

When putting together your business action plan, consider ways to generate money and continue to serve customers, even if more lockdowns or COVID regulations occur during the year.

Diversifying and offering different ways to deliver services to your customer means that your website must be up to date with the latest information and advice on how to get in touch with you. The easier it is for a customer to get in touch or buy from you, the greater the chance of generating more sales.

Put marketing plans into action

Once you have made plans, don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. Many business owners fall into the trap of making plans then not taking action as they aren’t sure how to execute the different parts of that plan. Outsourcing to experts is a great way to overcome this.

If you need to create a lead generation process that captures leads then contact a web designer who has the online marketing expertise to help. If you need to create ads, write blogs or make prospecting calls then there is plenty of expertise available from people who know how to get the best results in those areas.

At aprompt, we specialise in fast loading, mobile-ready websites that can be found in Google. We create the design for you and the site is built for you too, so you don’t have to learn website designing code in your spare time! Each page is customisable too, which gives you the freedom of having exactly what you want, whenever you want it. If you need help attracting more business with well-designed websites and blogs then get in touch with our website designers in Wiltshire.

How to make marketing plans


Focus on being online

Online marketing is here to stay - and its importance will increase regardless of what happens with the current pandemic.

If your online presence is in the range of ‘non-existent to poor’ then now is the time to focus on your social media activities and your website.

With the rise in use of mobile phones and other technologies and the gradual improvements in broadband and phone networks (such as 5G), it’s becoming increasingly popular to find product and services online. If your customers are online but you aren’t, then growing your business is going to be extremely hard to achieve in 2021.

… and on your website!

When focusing on getting your business online, also focus as much as possible on developing your website. Design is as important as how the site is built and what code is used. You don’t have to build your own website, let us do it for you and you will reap the benefits!

Social media and email marketing are examples of other great ways to reach out to potential customers but the chances are that you will want to send people from these platforms to your website to buy or get in touch with you. Even Google, as a channel to reach out to your target audience, requires a well-designed (and professionally built) website if you are to appear near the top of search results.


Make learning key

The way to reach out to potential customers and generate sales is evolving fast. You don’t need to know everything about marketing and sales to succeed, but you do need to understand the latest trends and what works. If you’re not sure though – just ask us at aprompt.

Taking a positive action to learn and engage with experts in certain areas will help increase the chances of your online success. Adopting practices that are proven is a fast-track way of getting results without having to make mistakes that people in the past have made.

If you would like help with your marketing plan and optimising your website according to the latest trends then get in touch with aprompt today.