In these challenging times, we’re aware that many website design companies are shutting their doors, but we know that business and websites must go on.
So with that in mind I thought I'd let you know that, as well as giving you our regular monthly tips and news here on our blog, we are staying open, and will remain so even if we all relocate to work from home.

For all our clients:

Want a message added to your website?

We can help with adding messages or alerts to your website, advising your visitors on Coronavirus implications that affect your business.

Working remotely and need help?

We can help and advise you on setting up your email to allow you to remotely access your emails if you're working from home.

Need business advice?

If you're working from home and have some spare time to dedicate to your website, give us a call if you need some guidance or just a good ol' chat about what you can do to enhance the content on your website.

Here's some ideas you can try on your website while in lockdown

For those websites with a blog.
Write a blog article which is an in-depth view (your own view of course - not copied from another company's website) of previous projects you've worked on within your business, to give your potential clients a more personal view of your business sector. This includes case studies on particular subjects and areas of your profession that you are proud of and want to share your experience. You don't have to name your clients (unless you've previously asked their permission and they agree that you can quote them or use their names in the case study). But write with as much detail as you can so that the reader gets a real insight in to how your expertise can help them if they employ you to do a job for them, based on your experience. Case studies can illustrate to potential clients how you can work with them too.

For those websites without a blog.
We would recommend you ask us to add a blog to your website for you. However, if you currently don't have the option to ask us to add a blog to your website you can (and should) add lots of information to your website pages about what you do. Leaving no stone unturned you can describe (in your own words - not copied from another website) how your business came about, how it inspires you and others as well as writing about all the services you provide. When I mention writing about your services, it's easier than you think! The key is to let your clients know 'exactly' what you do (this includes everything you can do for them) and not to make them have to guess or ask you. Your website should be your ultimate sales person. Let that sales person (i.e. your website) tell your clients ALL the options you can give them as a supplier. 

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We hope all is well and please remember that we’re here to help you and your business thrive online, so if you have any questions please do ask.
Many thanks,
Kirsty Paget & the team at aprompt