Social media reports

Social Media Reports

UK User Demographics and Their Suitability According to a Company's Target Group

Who exactly uses social media and is it right for my target market?

"With 85% of the UK population stating that they have used Internet, it is becoming clear that companies can now approach a wide range of people by implementing on-line strategies. Apparently this is something that many have already realised since 1/3 of advertising spend is in Digital Marketing.

But what do the British do when they're online? According to last year's McKinsey & Company report, UK citizens spend an average of 289 minutes a day on the web - excluding the time spent on search engines and online shopping. From this time the vast majority is used for Social Networking purposes - 61 minutes (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc) followed by Internet browsing at 52 minutes, reading/writing emails at 40 minutes and editing documents or photos at 23 minutes. More details can be found on the 'Online Time' diagram above or visit for more in this article.

Communicating With Your Audience

Do you communicate regularly with your users through your website content?

If not, then we can help by adding tools to help you, such as Twitter integration, An editable Blog/News/Events area to your website. For more information on how you can communicate online more efficiently through your website please call 0845 224 5806 and ask for Kirsty or contact our website designers in Wiltshire for a free chat.