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Web Writing rules

Web-writing is a skill, and one that you don’t need to have. If you buy a Porsche, you wouldn’t service it yourself – when you get your website designed, don’t try to write your own copy – leave it to the experts.

Text needs to be immediate, accessible, and friendly but above all - search engine optimised.

Optimising website content means that people will come to your web site – it is rather like the signpost that is clear and well positioned – it shows people the way.

It gets you noticed, makes you stand out from the crowd, and that’s what you want. Copy for the web is a tool that if used well, can make a good website exceptional. And exceptional websites work!

Website Copywriters

So what’s so clever about writing?

We can all write copy, can’t we?

Yes, we can all write, but SEO friendly copy really makes those words work. Website copywriting is directed and focused, it is creative, it communicates to its audience, and above all it enhances a website and makes it work hard for the owner.

You need to get the reader’s attention and interest within the first few seconds of viewing a web page. Visitors leave a website as quickly as they come if they are not immediately attracted to the site. 

Once you have their attention you need to give the reader your message – clear and concise. 

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Copywriting for web sites

Copywriting for web sites is all about keeping the interest of the audience once they have found your website and then getting your message across. Attention span is short on the web, so good copy is the difference between an average website and an excellent website.

You are in competition with many others, and to ensure that your web site works as hard as possible every aspect needs to be considered – design, development, layout and copy.

Copywriting for websites is not about cramming in keywords, because that doesn’t work on any level. It is about understanding your audience, understanding your product, and understanding the medium you are using. This all sounds like common sense – but if it were that easy everyone would be doing it, and everyone would have a really successful website. That’s not the reality – there are many poorly designed and badly written websites, so with a little thought and expertise your website could be way ahead of your competition. You could be getting sales or contacts from a large percentage of visitors, rather than just a handful – increased sales hopefully means increased profits.

The World Wide Web has changed how people read content – they behave differently when looking at a screen than when reading a magazine. The basic rules of communication still apply, but then you add web-writing rules as well. 

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